Our History

In Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina, members of a family with experience in the furniture industry, decided to unite their efforts to manage their own company.

Based on this purpose on December 15, 1991 they founded Rückten Serraria.

In 1995, the company acquired the machinery from M.C.N. Wood Artifacts, which had 32 employees and operated in rented hall with an area of 600m².

This company used to produce wooden dining rooms for the domestic market. The new managers invested in the manufacturing of furniture following projects of European customers. As a result, in 1997 the company began to export.

In 2000 the company moved to its new facility of 2,400 m². The directors then changed the company's name to Caftor Furniture Ltda.

Time passed and Caftor grew. Caftor's business continually increased production. Today, as a consequence of the investments in technology and training of its team, the production capacity is about 7 containers of 40 'months, and supplying the domestic market.

In Rio Negrinho's countryside the company has it's own reforestation with more than 700,000 trees. Also, the sawmill and drying ovens are located in 1,300 m² of built area. The industrial park has 5,700 m². The company currently has 140 direct employees.

Our name

The name Caftor was inspired in a New Testament passage. Caftor is an ancient island of Crete, whose inhabitants – the Caftorins – were also known as "sea people". They were righteous people, well organized and combative, which during their existence, although have gone through many difficulties, continued fighting in union.

Raw Material

The company has it's own reforestation, sawmill and greenhouses, which allows the wood to be properly conducted and processed. The manufacturing waste is directed to a rigorous treatment and recycling.


The technology has evolved. The consumer, the market and the world changed. Caftor accompanied these changes to remain competitive and providing products that fulfill consumers' expectations.

The company has modern machinery and knowledgeable staff to follow the latest trends. It works lean and organized, so that the consumer's final purchase is a quality product at a competitive price.


To produce furniture with competitive prices, committed team in quality and promptness, in order to meet customer expectations.


To be a company recognized worldwide for excellence in quality, upgraded technology and innovative design.



Being an employee from Caftor, means working in unity seeking the companys goals.


The company cultivates a regional and familiar tradition: working with wood and fabrication of quality furniture.


Act fairly and honestly, loyalty to commitments and obligations.


To the welfare of our employees toward improving the quality of life.


The company monitors trends and market competitiveness by investing in technological development and professional team. Caftor searches customer satisfaction continually.

Environmental responsibility

Respect and preserve the environment.